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Occasionally the need will arise where you have to review the FTP logs for a particular domain. These are located in /var/www/vhosts/$domain/statistics/logs/xferlog_regular

Each log entry will contain what you would expect, the IP accessing, the file being modified, as well as one of the following: a _ i, a _ o, a _ d, b _ i, b _ o, b _ d

But what do those cryptic letters mean? They tell you what type of transfer, a for ascii or b for binary, and whether a file was uploaded (i), downloaded (o), or deleted (d)

Ascii format:

  • a _ i (uploaded)
  • a _ o (downloaded)
  • a _ d (deleted)

  • Binary format:

  • b _ i (uploaded)
  • b _ o (downloaded)
  • b _ d (deleted)